Friday Links


This post made me happy – living in Berlin is definitely absolutely amazing. But I do agree – there are no interesting jobs here and even though we have only been here a year, you can tell that Berlin is rapidly changing…

Here are 5 things Germans do that are pretty annoying to the rest of the world (why why WHY do you wait at the lights when it is red and there is not a car in sight???).

Possibly the coolest dragon festival in the world? It’s on until the 17th, so go and see it for yourself if you can!

And it’s a bit grim for a Friday morning, but it’s such an interesting debate. Do we need to see more dead bodies on TV and in the papers to fully understand war and natural disasters? Get involved in the debate…




    • Haha – I actually asked my German friend that yesterday and she said it’s because the police can take away your driving licence if you cross the road when it’s red… hmmm… pretty good deterrent there!

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