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You’ve got a friend in me…

Download / By Samuel Rohl

For our trip to Japan, we drew a blank on things to bring as presents from Germany. On the one hand, chocolate is famous, but it melts immediately. Here is a good list for our next trip.

If you have ever struggled to think of a blog post to write about or just want to write a couple of lines a day, here are some great tips.

Have you heard of Eyebombing? This is the cutest thing I have seen for a while and it definitely put a smile on my face :) And on the same topic, if you are interested in why we see faces in everyday objects, click here.

Although it sounds like a dream job, travel blogging is exhausting!

If you are around thirty, like me, this video/ sing-a-long should make you giggle.

This is making the rounds in Germany at the moment. A 70 year-old lady known as the Hate Destroyer (it’s a short film in German, but has English subtitles).

And lastly, underarm hair for women – the latest fashion trend?


  1. Oh, the hilarity of armpit hair being fashionable. IT’S WHAT WE WERE BORN WITH!! 😉

    p.s that photo is beauuuutiful. Where is it of? (And just what I need to stare at, I have had it with this heat!!)

    • Yup – it’s a crazy “trend” and one that seems to have been pretty prevalent in Germany for some time anyway 😉
      The photo is stolen – haha – I get them from for Friday Linkies, as I like to look down their list of new photos. I’m loving this heat… haha… you need to get to the lakes! :)

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