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It’s been a fabulous two weeks in Japan and now we are back and I’m beyond sick. Unbelievable… anyhoo, let us tell you about the interesting things we have read this week. Japan blog posts aplenty coming your way asap… be excited!

In Japan it is normal to eat by yourself. No one judges you and in every restaurant there will be a long bar table for people who are dining alone. I enjoyed this recent article from the BBC about how different cultures and people view eating by yourself.

I was told to check out a friend’s friend blog and am highly enjoying the articles about cycling. I remember being terrified of cycling in the big smoke, but after a few trips it felt so wonderful. We took a free cycling proficiency course offered to us by the local council and I recommend it!

Mandi from No Apathy Allowed popped to Berlin and even went into UNIQLO – what a shame we didn’t bump into each other!



  1. Thank you very much for the link! I’m really glad to hear you like the cycling articles – and I hope the tips helped :)

  2. So true, I loved the freedom of being able to eat by myself in Japan, I’d literally spend a whole day in a cafe or family restaurant getting lost in a book or swatting up for the JLPT!

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