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linksThis Friday we are once again giving you some links of fabulous things we have been reading about this week.

As the title says ‘These clever inventions annoy you until you break your bad habits’ – it’s amazing! Tiny little ideas and items that will hopefully help the environment as well as your health. A genius idea that I hope really kicks off!

I have such long hair and although in the summer I just let it go wild and curl all over the place, I really want to start plaiting (braiding) it and learning some new techniques on how to do this. This website shows you exactly how to do it with very easy photos to finish – but I think for beginners you will definitely need a helping hand… Now, where is Jason when you need him? 😉

World of Wanderlust is a blog I read from time to time – I enjoyed her blogging from Berlin posts – this one is useful if you are planning a trip to this fabulous city. All the things she lists are literally within a ten minute walk of each other and can easily be done in a walking afternoon. Brooke travels the world and uses advertising to lure in free hotel stays and excursions and she has a book to tell you exactly how to do the same:

I LOVE this blog – photos of Jinna who packed in a high-paying corporate job to travel the world after her father passed away. She carries with her a huge life-sized cardboard cut-out of her father and poses with him all over the world in famous places. A lovely idea and if this doesn’t tempt you to go travelling, I don’t know what will!

And lastly, it makes me very happy that I’m not the only one who crochets on the train… hehe!

Right, that’s all folks! Happy reading and do get in touch with any amazing blogs/ articles you have read recently :)



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