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But I felt like we had a connection?

So, it seems every respectable blog does Friday Linkies, where you post some fun (or not-so-fun) links that you enjoyed reading over the past week. It felt like we needed to get involved too, as some lovely people have been linking back to our blog and it’s only fair to share the love.

Linking up with love...

Linking up with love…

Our lovely friend Charlotte has recently left Germany (boo!!) and moved back home to Bury St Edmunds in England. Her friend Danni and Charlotte have been sending each other amusing videos, keeping each other up-to-date on what’s going on. Being an expat, it’s always interesting to see what other people experience when they go back to their home and here is the link for Charlotte’s video on exactly that:

Alex also lives in Germany and is from Texas. From not being interested at all in football (she even calls it soccer…), it’s fun to read about how she has been swept up by the World Cup fever:

For adorable baby pictures and some very cool advice on what to do on a Sunday in Berlin, check out the most perfectly named blog ever:

And a bonus for the ladies:

This is my absolute favourite article I have possibly ever read in my life. Instead of yet another sports news story about the World Cup, this is much more special. Here you have a load of naked rugby players. Yup, you read that correctly. Hehehe. I have to say I was so irritated by the first World Cup match and the pathetic “injuries” the so-called players received that I actually had to turn off the match. It really was that bad. So instead, I bring you some REAL men, who try for 80 minutes to pretend they are not injured with blood running down their faces. Be warned though, some of the photos will make you giggle:

And that’s all for our first Friday Links post. Hope you enjoyed it and let us know if you have read anything absolutely brilliant over the past week. Thanks :)




  1. Wheee! Thank you!
    Did you ever make it over to Bury? I think you’re a Bury kind of girl, so I bet you’d love it here! And Mary Grace is just down the road!

    • I have actually stayed with MG and been to the area many times. The history just in her backyard are amazing – and it’s a beautiful area indeedy! Next time I shall visit you too :)

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