Friday Links

Happy Halloween…


An interesting read on the people who have to keep inappropriate images and videos from your social media outlets (WARNING: this is not a nice read).

Two words and a big dribble: Apple Strudel.

An interesting read from my lovely friend Debra about Warsaw being the new Berlin.

Charlotte has some ideas on teaching English on skype – which Jason has just started doing.

How funny to see our local Berlin trains running in the North Korean capital!

An interesting video about a women being constantly harrassed in NY.

Coolest video in the world goes to: Ok Go! WOW – and all done in one take – coooool!

Interesting how two men with almost the same background can turn out so differently.


  1. Yay thank you!
    That North Korea video looks so good – it really gives a great window into the lives of the people there. I just wish the interviewer wouldn’t ask such stupid questions. It’s great he was able to shoot this video – of COURSE he couldn’t take footage of military and unsightly things there. He would have ended up in a camp himself.

    • I love reading everything and anything to do with North Korea and was amazed how PY looks just like any other big city. The ladies outfits are beautiful! Agree with you about the interviewer – it’s a hard job – but they could’ve explained things a bit better. It’s great to get an insight into the main city and it was so random seeing our local train running on the lines out there :)

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