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The best story on the internet is above.

In other Friday Linkie love – has London gone mad?

Here Are Some of the World’s Best Ads You Might Have Missed in 2015.

How the language you speak changes your view of the world.

I’m sure you all know this anyway, but Facebook ‘Most Used Words’ game is collecting huge amounts of user data, can sell to whoever it wants.

Great for back pain? Here Is The Famous Japanese Method To Lose Weight And Improve Your Posture.

There has been so much media bashing recently and I have to say this article sums up how I feel. I’m a journalist and whenever I read about bad news I worry about my colleagues. Most people run away from a bomb or a threat, journalists run towards it for you, in order to cover a story.

If you have time, take this test. It really is an eye opener to what so many refugees are going through.

Coffee project based on Big Issue model gets London launch.

Funny Design Fails Show Why You Need A Designer.


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