Friday Links

We’re off to see the wizard…

Denmark – you are epic!

Flying somewhere? Don’t forget these!

So now we shouldn’t be wearing cycling helmets?

A ‘Twin Peaks’-themed immersive pop-up theatre restaurant (!) is opening in London.

Punny Pixels – A Series Of Clever Visual Puns That’ll Make You Smile.

Parody of LDP security bills video goes viral ahead of Diet vote.

10 Tips On Daily Life in Europe That Will Help You Enjoy Your Trip Like a Local.

I remember years ago a group of three black teenage girls smoking on the Central Line. I told them to stop and immediately they came over to me shouting at me that I was a racist b*tch etc. It was a horrible experience, as I hate smoke and am allergic to it and didn’t want to be stuck in a carriage with smokers. Also, it’s completely illegal and just rude. Luckily the lady opposite me got involved and they got off the train at the next stop. So I wasn’t surprised when I read: I Was Attacked on the Train. No One Helped Me – I wonder what I would have done.

Stay hot and young forever!

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