Friday Links

It’s Friday, Friday… Gotta get down on Friday…

17 lessons learned in Japan – YES to number 15 – I remembered having parties and the house would be cleaned by my guests to such an extent that it was cleaner than when they arrived!

Sad animal facts – this is my favourite link ever!!

Great fun links for learning Deutsch :)

20 Things To Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Life Better At 50.

10 British Habits I Lost After Living in Japan.

Enormous floating solar power plants have just opened in Japan!

Know your tourists! So cute :)

Homelessness in America, in one map.

OMG – cheese from human toe, armpit, belly button and mouth bacteria…

Haha – shame UKIP! Time to go back to school?




  1. The Caliglobetrotter blog from your last link… she was my next door neighbor when I lived in Regensburg. What are the odds of your next door neighbor in another country having the same country of origin as you? I always thought that was kind of hilarious.

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