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Baby Monkey… Baby Monkey…

German people and people all over the world – STOP DRINKING BOTTLED WATER!! And while we’re at it – check out what’s inside those fruit drinks peeps!!

The Guardian have put together a rolling list of how many people were killed this year by police in the USA. Blimey…

Who Is This Mysterious Woman Making Videos in Chernobyl?

30 Thoughts That Keep Thirtysomethings Up All Night.

Morph’s back on TV!

Need inspiration for baking German food? This website is amazing!

Some insane person played Carcassonne with 24 expansions, which took over 8 hours to finish.

Making a majestic pose while running.

Japan finally recognizes Godzilla as a resident and tourism ambassador.


  1. I drink almost exclusively tap water. Or tea. (Err, or wine or beer, obviously). Sometimes I fancy something different though. I think a glass of fruit juice once in a while is okay.

    Morph! Yay!

    • I’m the same – everyone thinks I’m weird in Germany for drinking tap water – but it’s free and better for the environment – always confuses me why all German people don’t… I’m excited about Morph too!! :)

  2. Firstly, you made me click on a Daily Mail link!!! DISLIKE!!
    It’s very alarmist and not exactly true – sugar in fruit is different to sugar in coke. Yes, drinking a massive Pret juice is bad for you because you could never eat that amount of oranges without making yourself sick, but the Innocent smoothie has a good mix of fruit that you could actually eat in one sitting. I have bottled drinks probably once a month, and have tea and water most of the time, but my rule of thumb is – could I eat that amount of fruit that’s listed? If not, I do not drink it.

    • Hahaha – sorry about that 😉 I often drink the Innocent Smoothies too and you have a good point there and I like your rule – I don’t really drink fizzy drinks at all – perhaps tonic with gin is as far as I go 😉

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