Friday Links

And she’s walking back to me…

Photographer spends 11 years documenting families around China with all their belongings.

Can drinking tea turn you into a whore?

Here’s What’s Happened to the Netherlands’ Solar Bike Paths – this is actually amazing!!

Some absolutely hilariously fun German words!

THIS Is What That Extra Shoelace Hole Is For!

MMMMM – breakfast ramen!

Rock-Paper-Scissors is Deeper Than You Thought

Tom’s Live Election Results can be purchased – but you gotta be quick!!

Signs you’ve gone native in Germany – not quite yet for me then…

Favorite Streets in 12 European Cities.

And lastly a bit of fun: When and where would you die in a Zombie apocalypse?


  1. Hehe, the list about “going native” in Germany is really just for those in the Pfalz (part of Rheinland-Pfalz). It’s always interesting how different things can be in each German state, and even from region to region in the same state.

    • Yup – it’s unbelievable how rude the people in Berlin are – yesterday both Jason and I were shouted at (literally SHOUTED AT) by Germans for no fault of our own. Don’t think we will ever get used to it. On the other hand, in the villages the people are so kind and sweet – it’s bizarre really. Loved your article :)

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