Friday Links

New York New York!

I always thought the best festival in Japan was Okayama’s Naked Man Festival – BUT I’ve just read this and I think I might have to check this one out too…

Chinese people are learning how to behave abroad so they don’t shame their country.

If you’re in Japan and wonder what it would be like to work for Peaceboat, click here – I have a load of friends that are doing this/ have done this and they all love it!

Hilarious idioms from around the world – like having tomatoes on your eyes in German!

THIS is what I want for my birthday, take note people!


Yup – dark chocolate is just rubbish compared to the rest! And you all know it’s true!!

Great read – the Jew who got a job offer from the Nazis.

Wish I had gone to this exhibition!


A guide to supermarkets in Germany – hilarious!!

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