English Supermarkets

Food, glorious food…

I remember the first time we walked into a huge supermarket in Germany. I was astounded by the meat section. There were rows and rows and more rows with just meat. Minced, slabs, big, small, whole chickens, hundreds of sausages to choose from… wow. And the only fish on sale was smoked salmon in wrapping. Disappointing for fish fans, but heaven for those carnivores amongst us.

Last week we went home to London for a memorial. It’s the first time we have been back this year (!!!) even though it’s cheap and only an hour away. We popped to the dentist, but our phones were on Germany time so we got all the timings confused and ended up with an hour to wait before Jason’s appointment. So we wandered around and found Morrisons Supermarket.

We both enjoy visiting supermarkets in other countries and after 9 months of visiting only German shops, it felt amazing to be walking down the aisles surrounded by such treats! There was a whole aisle JUST FOR CHEESE!!

super1I think I spent about half an hour just dribbling in that section alone! And you can see all the wonderful things we bought in this photo:


WHITE CHOCOLATE fingers (since when do they exist??), cheap raspberries, cheap nuts, Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps, wasabi peas, cheese and goats cheese (of course), Jacob’s crackers, caramel slices, hummus, Brantoun and Pickle and olives with feta. Let’s just say, it didn’t last very long… hehe!


  1. Mmm, prawn cocktail crisps!! And caramel slices! I feel hungry now!

    You can buy goat’s cheese in Germany… well, I can anyway. I never bought it when I lived in the UK. Here, I get it all the time.

    • We got Salt and Vinegar crisps at the airport of course đŸ˜‰ I remember once after years living in Japan I literally ran to the supermarket and bought goat’s cheese. Then I just devoured it – no bread or crackers, just goats cheese in huge bites melting in my mouth – YUM!

  2. Grocery stores in other countries always fascinate me. I posted a picture a while back of the peanut butter section in an American grocery store- sooooo many choices.

    • We always go to a supermarket when we go to another country – I love to look at all the crazy food you can get. When we were back in Japan we were literally dribbling at all the stuff we used to eat all the time and went a bit crazy… but it’s a good thing that we brought an extra suitcase for all those “essentials” (ahem). Jason loves peanut butter and wants to try and make it – have you tried that? :)

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