Doublesix Dice – Board Gaming Opulence Part 1


Good afternoon internet folks. Allow me to introduce you to a short series on what I am referring to as ‘Board gaming opulence’. Essentially, items and accessories for the board/card/tabletop gaming world that are pretty much unncessary but bring a massive smile to my face for their existence!

Doublesix Dice have the honour of featuring in this first installment. What are double six dice I hear you say? Well they are just like regular 6-sided dice (d6 to the dice aficionados out there) except that the dice have 12-sides (d12) with numbers 1 through 6 printed twice. What is the point of such a thing when we already have had normal, cubular* dice in existence for hundreds, if not thousands of years?


A regular d6 facing off against the new d(6×2)

Let me paint a mind image for you, I’d ask you to close your eyes but then it’d be rather hard to continue reading the next point so avoid doing that! You’re playing your favorite game with regular old d6s… perhaps a game or two of Yahtzee while waiting for your flight to board. You grab your handful of dice from the table and attempt to roll them on the table. You notice the dice just slide from your fingers and barely roll at all. You probably could have called the numbers before the dice left your hands due to the inherent lack of rollability** of cubes.

How on earth can we solve this problem you ask? That’s where Doublesix dice come in! A 12-diced dice (or Dodecahedron once again for those dice mega fans out there) has much great rollability and make your roll much more random… which is exactly what a dice is meant to do!

You can toss these dice across a table and they will most likely keep on rolling until they fall off the other end and disappear under the sofa. It’s definitely a disadvantage to the dice but one I am willing to accept and embrace.

I love that these dice exist.

The dice came into existance through a recent kickstarter campaign and are now fully available through the creator’s website and in some stores over in the USA.

Keep on rolling them bones and tune in next time for Part 2 of Board Gaming Opulence!

*Cubular is much like triangular, but more cube-like.

*Rollability is the official measure of an objects natural ability to roll.


  1. Thanks, Leather and Abel on a well written review of Matt’s new Doublesix dice. I think I should say that I backed his kickstarter ever since I found it almost a year and a half ago. It was such a delight to finally have the finished product in hand. Any who are interested should visit his site and see not only the traditional Ivory dice but a whole array of different colored ones. And he also made 3d4 dice for those who hate those dang pyramid shaped d4 dice. Also “Fate” dice, so enjoy.

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