Cyril the Squirrel

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce…

Hi from Cyril the Squirrel!

Hi from Cyril the Squirrel!

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…Cyril the Squirrel. What a cutie! The first time I saw a red squirrel was in Germany many many years ago and the next time was in our garden here. We have a family with three babies that just run up and down the trees and balconies all day long. Absolutely adorable. It’s actually cuteness overload! Our friend here wants to get a chair and just spend a whole day watching them.

At the moment, the parents are teaching the fluffy little things to jump and how to look for places to grab on to. It’s interesting watching them learn these skills – they have been falling off the branches much less this week than last week already and we love it when they jump onto our window sill for a bit of food and to say hi. This one wasn’t scared of us at all! And look at how lovely the garden is – spring has definitely sprung in Germany – it’s so green!

PS: Here is a video of German people saying the word squirrel.


  1. Awww Cyril is so cute! We only have boring grey squirrels in the UK so they are always a novelty when we do see them here! :)

    • Yeah – I even love the grey ones, but these are so much cuter! Bit worried they will love us too much and hop into the apartment one day! :)

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