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I can resist everything… except temptation…

Yes, you read the title correctly. We have joined a COOKBOOK CLUB! It’s amazing and fabulous and everything and more than you are currently imagining. Let me give you some details.

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A group of people meet in Delifonesca in Liverpool. We all purchase (or borrow from a library etc) the SAME cookbook. This month it was Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food. Then every attendee picks a recipe and makes it for the whole group! They’ve even cleverly made an Excel sheet that you fill in with what you want to eat to make sure no one is cooking the same thing! Brilliant!

If it’s your first time, you don’t need to bring any food, just pay the £5 to join in the evening and then any drinks you purchase. Jason and I loved the idea so much, we decided to get stuck right in. We made the cosy squash soup with chickpea salad flatbreads (p. 122) and the super-food protein loaf which is wheat-free, gluten-free and tasty (p. 68). I have to say both were delicious, especially the bread – it was super easy to make and it came out perfectly. I’m not a big recipe-follower, I kind of chuck in a bit of this and a bit of that, but here I felt like I needed to follow the instructions completely, so the other members wouldn’t think I’m cheating – haha.



Mmmmmm, here is the chicken, the winning lasagne and the muffins on the left

Here is the delicious bread we made and the chickpea mix is in the background

Here is the delicious bread we made and the chickpea mix is in the background

What I love the most about this idea (other than chatting to some lovely people and EATING) is that it gives you a chance to properly go through a recipe book. We own a whole load of cookbooks that we both have one or two recipes that we use all the time. The rest of the book is never attempted or even looked at. From this Cookbook Club evening, we discovered a whole load of recipes in the same book. Now we know which other things we want to try and make and also very importantly, how they taste! They also tried a new thing, which was to vote for your favourite dish – January’s winner was the lasagne, which was just divine! We also got to taste sweet potato muffins, chicken stew, 4 different nut butters and a bean casserole. Such a wonderful idea and we’re already excited for February – we shall be using a Korean Cookbook called Kimchi! Finally I will be making kimchi!

For more info and to see which book we’ve chosen for the next month, check out this link :)


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