Cocoro Japanese Restaurant

Living on a prayer…

You all know how obsessed I am about Japanese food, so I was surprised when a friend suggested we go to a place I’d not even heard of. Cocoro is next to our favourite kebab place Mustafa and the super-famous Currywurst 36. This street has a LOT of good food peeps! I had the chicken teriyaki don (chicken in teriyaki sauce on rice) and I have to say it was delicious. Everything tasted fresh and juicy – the rice was cooked to perfection too, which I find rare outside of Japan. The Genmai Tea was beautiful. Often it is said that because of the differences in the water of different countries, the tea tastes slightly different, but this water must have been imported – one gulp and I was transported back to Japan. Absolutely delicious!

Highly recommended, super friendly Japanese staff and not bad pricing for a Japanese restaurant. I would only warn that the portion sizes aren’t huge – so if you’re hungry just get two 😉

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Address: Cocoro Japanese Kitchen, Teahouse & Sake Bar, Mehringdamm 64, 10961 Berlin

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