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We’re oop norf…

Sorry lovely readers, we’ve been so completely swamped with things to do and STILL having no internet, that we’ve not been able to write any posts for a while… but we are back!


So, a quick update: we’ve found the most lovely of lovely apartments. We started off by looking for a two bedroom house, but the Estate Agents completely ignored what we were asking for. We wanted something ready to be moved into immediately and near Jason’s family. The places they suggested were mostly miles away and the ones we saw were either covered in rubbish (literally – the previous owners hadn’t bothered to even clean up their trash) or needed a lot of work. In the first house, I touched a wall and my hand came away wet. The places stunk of smoke or mould and the bathrooms were grim, in one place they hadn’t even bothered to clean the toilet. We were a bit gutted, as having lived in an apartment in Berlin, we were ready for our own house with a garden, but on the off-chance we had a look at a two-bedroom new build flat and we both fell in love instantly. The carpet is so very soft and lushious and the building is one year old, so no mould, no holes and no problems.

We actually wanted to stay in Berlin purely for our apartment, but we eventually realised that’s not really a good excuse to stay somewhere. It was so big and spacious and incredibly cheap… but to our amazement our new place is even lovelier. Our massive super-king-sized bed just about fits in the bedroom but the double king we brought back from Germany didn’t fit into the spare room, so now we have an office. It’s got Jason’s computer/ nerding-out area and my sewing and crafting area. It’s just all so lovely and we’ve made it homely already. I don’t want to move ever again!

We are loving Liverpool and there’s lots of fun things to tell you about. We’ve explored Lark Lane, China Town, the main shopping area and lots around there too. So keep reading for more :)


  1. Two things are astounding: are the Liverpoolers really so dirty? Or is it just unusual to clean away your garbage when moving out? (Or am i simply too german? Haha)
    and: is there actually a ‘chinatown’ in Liverpool? why? Interesting…! I will have to come over to visit and see for myself!

    • There is a huge and famous Chinatown here – we will write about it soon and then you will have another excuse to visit. About the housing… it’s normal to clean the house when you leave, I don’t know why they were so grim but it’s not normal… The renting situation is very different in Germany and the UK though. Here the place ALWAYS comes with a kitchen and you don’t really look after a place. The landlord can also kick you out when they like – very different renting culture but interesting to see the differences…

  2. Housing is one of the main things that puts me off the idea of moving back to the UK! Mind you, I think any flat is going to be a step down after a Wiesbaden Altbau, wherever we go next (and you could barely get a studio flat in a shit area of London for what we pay here!) – I think we just have to accept that we have reached our accommodation pinnacle for our whole lives! 😉 I’m very glad you’ve found somewhere lovely, and I am VERY envious of all your eating. I do love Liverpool :)

    • I know the housing situation in London is crazy, but it’s starting to go up all over the place. In Berlin it was so cheap, but it went up 10% in a year for us, which was a lot really. And it’s almost impossible to get an Altbau, so I would say you should never leave so I can continue to dribble over the German food you make haha! I do hope you visit Liverpool soon and we can finally meet, greet and most importantly… EAT! 😉

  3. I’ll be moving back to Suffolk this week and one of the things I’m most excited about is house hunting. For what I pay for a tiny tiny room in a houseshare there, I can get a two bed house back home. I’ll be living with dad for the first month an then see where I am.

    • Yes, I’ve been reading your blog and sounds like the right thing to do! I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes outside of London in your fabulous BIG house 😉

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