Burger and Lobster Restaurant in London

Under the sea…

This place is a gem! I planned to just lump all the food we ate in London into one long post, but seriously this place needs its own mention. Burger and Lobster is one of those delicious restaurants definitely not for vegetarians. My favourite thing about the place is that there are just three things on the menu: burger, lobster or lobster roll. Literally no traipsing through the menu trying to decide what to eat – although just choosing one of those three options was hard for me!

I originally heard about this place from my colleague when I was working in London many years ago. He went on and on about it and said there was always a queue. Because they don’t do reservations, I would recommend going just after lunch time or around 5pm. Jason and I went on one of our first anniversaries (one month? three months? one year??) and it was silly giggles. They bring you a plastic apron to keep your clothes clean while you try and wrestle with the lobster lying on the plate in front of you.

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I’ve had lobster here before (I actually ate lobster while it was still alive in Japan – eeep) and it is just delicious. This time I tried the lobster roll, which oozed fresh lobster meat out of soft brioche bread and Jason had the burger which was meaty and fat. Everything on the menu is around £20, so it’s not cheap, but it’s just meant to be a bit of fun. The staff are young, chatty and fun. The atmosphere is dark and loud, so more a place you go to fill up your belly before moving on to a local pub for drinks. We were recommended the spicy burger, which is brand new in the Oxford Street branch and will soon be available all over due to popularity – guess that’s for our next trip home!

Address: Burger and Lobster, 6 Little Portland St, London W1W 7JE, United Kingdom

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