Boardgaming in Amsterdam

Our flight to Japan first took us via Amsterdam where we had several hours to waste before our connecting flight. I had never been to Amsterdam before and Vanessa suggested we pop into the city to have a look around. She has been several times with work in the past and knew exactly where to take us (which is quite the role reversal as I am usually the one guiding Vanessa around!)

We walked around the town and she mentioned that she visited a nice local boardgame store during a previous visit and that we should go check it out again.

Obviously I was very excited.

We found it straight away down a little side street and I have to admit, it is once of the nicest games stores I have ever been in. The selection of games is 1

We got speaking to the store owner and a couple of customers as they were buying my current favourite game and it turns out they all were very keen players but sadly live a little too far to form a gaming group with me in Berlin :)

I managed to resist the urge to buy everything in the store but Vanessa surprised me once again and ended up buying a game herself! We picked up a nice set of Double-Nine dominoes, which we ended up lugging around Japan for 2 weeks in our backpack and not even getting a chance to play once. Let me tell you, dominoes are heavy!

Anyway, if you are in Amsterdam and have even a slight interest in games, make sure you check out The Gamekeeper on Hartenstraat.

As a bonus, here is an obligatory picture of me inside a giant clog.

photo 3

It’s like they say, “When in the Netherlands…”


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