Board game shopping in Leipzig, Germany

Vanessa and I love to travel, it almost doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we are adventuring to fun and exciting places that have some delicious food to offer! But being the massive board game geek that I am, I always have a quick search to see if there are any board game shops in the town we are visiting. More often than not, I’m in luck! Leipzig was one of our more recent excursions and it was no exception (you can read more about Leipzig in one of our earlier posts HERE!).


Leipzig is pretty close to Berlin and is a very beautiful town to visit and explore. We went there with Vanessa’s grandmother and her friend on one of the hottest days on record, which obviously made it a little difficult to be out doors for too long. We drove into town and arrived exactly on time for a walking tour which led into a guided bus tour. We walked around town for around 90 minutes trying to avoid the heat and then all hopped on board the large, air-conditioned bus for a 2 hour drive around town. At this point though, we were all pretty exhausted and promptly fell asleep the moment we sat down! Oops! At least we all got to enjoy a lovely 2 hour surprise nap!

The tour dropped us off back in the centre of town and after quickly consulting Google Maps, I found we were only one block away from the Leipzig’s recommended games/toy store! It was meant to be!

This little guy greeted us at the door.

This little guy greeted us at the door.

The store is called Capito and is located down a side street just behind the main shopping area. It is quite large with a wide spread of games and toys. More than half the store is dedicated to children toys/books etc. while 2 large walls and several displays were given over to the modern board and card games that I was after. They don’t have an especially large collection of games on offer but it seems they make sure to have a little bit of everything — from rules-light, filler games for the entire family through to multi-hour deep strategy games that demand intense, caffeine-fuelled concentration.

More Games!

Even more games!!

There is great variety but (and rightly so), all of the games were only available in German. There mustn’t be much demand for English language games in Leipzig! Luckily these days, a large majority of games are language independent. They often even come with rules in several different languages. Failing all of that, some kind soul over on has usually uploaded an English translation of the rules so you can dive into that new game straight away.

I ponded around the store umm-ing and ahh-ing for far longer than I should have done. Unable to decide on any game I wanted, Vanessa went over to a shelf and picked out the very pretty looking, Cacao.


Anyway, if you’re in Leipzig and want to check out some board games in the city centre, then look no further than Capito!


Städtisches Kaufhaus
04109 Leipzig

Open: Mo.-Fr. 10:00 – 20:00 and Sat. 10:00 – 18:00

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