Best Pizza in Berlin?

More cheeeeeeese!!

I’m not the biggest fan of pizza. Maybe I ate too much of it or something, but I can’t really get excited about a pizza at a restaurant or takeaway.

Then Jason came into my life and started hand-making the base and I got to do the toppings. Now that’s my kind of pizza. I don’t want a load of dough and crust. I want a thin base to hold lots of delicious flavours. I need to be swimming in cheese and I don’t want to chew constantly, I just want it to almost slide down into my stomach.

So when a group of us were out and about and I was told that Cucina Casalinga place has the best pizza in the city, well, I thought it was very unlikely I was going to enjoy it, but I was pleasantly surprised. They have plenty of “healthy” pizzas, but I went for the FOUR cheeses. I cannot say more than it was a greasy, drippy mess and the inside of my mouth was coated in all kinds of cheese. It was amazing!

It may well be contested in the future, but (other than Jason’s,) this is the best pizza I have found in Berlin.

Il Ritrovo-Cucina Casalinga Popolare: Gabriel-Max-Straße 2, 10245 Berlin


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