Best location for cheesecake

Om nom nom nom nom…

image1It’s another cheesecake post! And this one is partly being blogged about for it’s taste and partly for it’s amazing surroundings. Our favourite bookstore in Berlin is Dussmann. It is centrally located and not only has a section full of boardgames but also a whole bookstore inside devoted to English books. Plus it’s usually open until midnight and in the winter it’s lovely and warm.

Then if you go downstairs, there are free toilets (always good to know where to find these in Berlin) and a café. The walls of the café are alive! They have planted greenery that grows up the walls. The water that feeds them dribbles down the wall slowly so it feels and sounds like you are in a rainforest. If you have a little bit of time to kill or just want to relax and read a book you purchased upstairs, or even rest your tired feet after hours of tourism, please come here.

image2Now you all know my obsession with cheesecake, so it won’t come as a surprise to any of you that I had a look at the menu and ordered some. I’m doing it for you all, so you know where to go when you come to Berlin. It’s actually just research and I guess someone has to do it – haha!

This cheesecake was very creamy. Really thick and you could inhale the cheese flavour. Just how I like it. I still haven’t found the perfect cake base here yet. This one was still a little soft and crumbly. I will continue looking with pleasure though. And on a side note, add a drink to the mix and you get a fortune note – which was a cute little surprise.



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