The best cheesecake I have found in Berlin Part 2

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker’s man,
Bake me a cake as fast as you can…

So this isn’t the first post about cheesecake and it probably won’t be the last (here and here). But this one needs to be talked about! Guys, this is possibly the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. And in my lifetime I have eaten (and made) a LOT of cheesecake. A lot of cows have been milked in order to feed my cheesecake cravings. In fact, I could probably write a whole book on these tasty slices but instead I will write a little blog post and tell you about my current favourite.

photoI have devoted a centre area for this tasty morsel so you can peer at the photo lovingly. As you can see, this is a moist cheesecake. The added surprise is that the baked base at the bottom actually goes around the side too. Look at that curve people! I always get annoyed when there isn’t enough of the base and it crumbles all over the place. Here it is hard and they do not skimp on the amount.

The filling is divine. And it’s moist. If you look carefully you can see it is already flopping over on the plate and there is a layer of shine. A closer look will prove how light it is to eat, as you can see evidence of bubbles.

There is a scent of winter spices, as if a mix of spices has been added, including cinnamon and maybe clove, which to me makes it taste of Christmas. It reminds me of mulled wine and ginger biscuits. Mix this into a cheesecake and I’m hooked.

There is of course an entire food hall of delicious stuff to eat every week. It’s called Street Food Thursday and I’m sure we will tell you more about this fabulous place one day soon. For now though, I want to concentrate on the dessert. It’s hard not to wolf it down, but when it’s almost gone you want to savour every last morsel. It’s a hearty slice, so do save some space in your tummy.

It seems I’m not the only one who loves cheesecake either. My groans of happiness must have been noticed as the guys opposite asked us where we had gotten the cake. And take heed: make sure you get there nice and early, as they always sell out and now you know why!


  1. Well, seems that I have to try me some cheese cake. These was a very good description of what might be the very best cheese cake in the world. For second, I thought I could taste it. Then I thought – I can in Berlin. 😀

    Keep up the good writing and congrats on WAO Services!

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