Barcomis is more than just cheesecake

Tasty morcels…

I know, I know… I am trying to give you all ideas for places to eat whilst in Berlin and it shouldn’t all be just about cheesecake. So here is a post about some food that ends in cheesecake. Ahem.

So we have been to Barcomis many many times. We blogged about their cheesecake here. I can’t even tell you how times we have eaten it, as I have lost count. When you find that perfect cake and lovely cafe with service that is actually nice (normally impossible to find here in Berlin), you just keep going again and again.

Bizarrely however, we only even went for cheesecake and coffee (they have Kona coffee, which Jason loves). This time though, we were being treated for a meal there, so it was time to see what else was on the menu.

The club sandwich is enormous!

photo 2And the warm goat’s cheese salad filled me right up, it was so good I didn’t even make my normal ‘salad-is-for-rabbits’ joke. Maybe I was feeling like a rabbit that day, as I gobbled it all up.

photo 1The place was as always full to the brim. The staff are always friendly and helpful and just so you all know, there is a sharing cake platter: you can pick 4 half-pieces of cake on one plate. Perfect for those of you who want to try a little of everything. Enjoy!

photo 3(Lemon cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, New York cheesecake and last but not least: apple & walnut cake!)

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