Bakchich – Liverpool’s best schwarma!

You don’t make friends with salad…

YES!!! We have found that delicious place that reminds us of Berlin right in the heart of Liverpool! This is such exciting news people – we loved all the delicious schwarma and kebabs Berlin had to offer, but now we don’t have to miss them any longer…

Bakchich is one of those secret places that no one knew was amazing, until a few lucky individuals told their friends. Who told their friends. And then the word was out… Now it’s always busy and rightly so. Half of me doesn’t want to tell you about this place and keep this all a big secret, but really, this meat knowledge needs to be shared!

My brother and his wife were up to visit and with another friend we tried to get into Mowgli’s (our fave restaurant in Liverpool), but sadly everyone knows how amazing that place is and we would’ve had to wait hours for some curry, so we went opposite to try our luck at Bakchich. It was our lucky day, because we managed to grab a table on a busy Saturday night and my brother and I shared the MEAT FEAST! It’s what you do when you just can’t decide between lamb and chicken – because you can have BOTH!

The shared meat feast platter

The shared meat feast platter

Jason's one person chicken and lamb feast :)

Jason’s one person chicken and lamb feast :)

It came with baba ganoush, falafel, kibbeh, bread, pickles, hummus, super friendly staff, great location and best of all it’s super cheap! The crispy skin on the lamb was divine and my favourite bit, but the kibbeh was also so delicious that I’m going to try and make it myself. I can’t wait to go back!

Address: Bakchich, 54 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4ER


  1. i’m curious: what’s the nationality of that place? Arabic? Turkish? Syria? I want to compare it to similar places here in Berlin … :)

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