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Teacher’s Pet…

So Jason’s back to the Japan School today, teaching English for the start of another year. When children in Germany start their primary school, they get an amazing treat on their first day – a Schultüte [School Cone] absolutely filled with goodies. I remember as a child starting the German school in the 3rd grade, so I didn’t get a Schultüte, but my brother began in the 1st grade and I was so jealous when I saw his tiny hands holding the most enormous cone-shaped present. I still haven’t received a Schultüte yet (Jason take note…) and I thought it would be hilarious to get one for Jason’s first day at school today.

photo 2Except I completely ran out of time and he got a handmade one instead, filled with chocolates and pic ‘n’ mix as well as apples and bananas of course – haha!

photo 1

This is such a random German tradition – so unhealthy and the sugar would make the kids all hyper on their first day, but I do love the idea of giving kids a present on their first day of school. What do you think?


  1. Awesome surprise :) You balanced the sweets with some fruits, so it basically was healthy! x

    • Haha – one banana and one apple… versus a whole lotta chocolate and pick ‘n’ mix… but I’m sure there were some egg sweets in there and chocolate has calcium so… better eat it all quick 😉

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