Back Online and Sushi Time

Connecting in five… four… three… two… one…

Yup – we are back online! YEY! It’s been pretty crazy here, with freelance work coming in, Airbnb guests galore (cannot recommend this enough – we just said goodbye to the loveliest family ever and have another guy coming in a couple of days), visiting London for a week and finally unpacking those suitcases from Japan whilst doing our normal jobs too.

Yesterday we had a sushi party. We invited a load of Japanese ladies to help, but it turned out they had never made sushi before and we had to teach them how to roll that rice! It was such fun. Jason’s and my maki-rolls were absolutely enormous and stuffed to the brim with fillings. Lots of the girls from work turned up and it was a lovely evening. If you are looking for a fun and relatively easy party, try this! Everyone brings the ingredients they like and rolling sushi is really fun! You get to eat lots of delicious food and it works out cheap and cheerful too! The best filling was tuna-mayo with salmon and sweetcorn, just in case you were wondering 😉 sushi

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