Happy Monday – Ampelmann earrings

She told me to walk this way…

photo1This is the first Happy Monday post. For those of you who don’t know, we will be sharing something we have been obsessed with over the past week. We have chosen Monday, as it seems to be the least favourite day for many people. So, here I am to cheer you up!

My current favourite things are my Ampelmann earrings.

According to their website:

“The East German pedestrian traffic light symbols, or‚ ampel men’ are Berlin born and bred. They came into being on October 13th 1961 when, in response to the growing threat of road traffic accidents, the traffic psychologist, Karl Peglau, introduced the first pedestrian signals to the GDR capital. And so the vehicle traffic light, which had directed traffic alone up to that point, was joined by the pedestrian traffic light. Its design was psychologically conceived, because road-users react more quickly to appealing symbols.”

They are definitely appealing and are easily one of the most recognised symbols of Berlin. More importantly though, they are so cute! We take all our guests to the Ampelmann souvenir shop and everyone poses under the traffic lights in silly photos.

I wear my earrings nearly every day, so I’m sure you will see them featured again soon! For now, that’s all from me! Happy Monday everyone :)

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