A sausage fest

So many sausages, so little time…

Okay, this post may not be about what you are thinking. Maybe I should have written a sausage festIVAL, but it’s hard to resist a little naughtiness here and there.

Anyhoo… to the sausages!

image2We found out about an event that was advertised as: Sausage and Beer Festival. Without even thinking about it we started telling our friends about it and a few hours later a group of us we were in Markthalle Neun (which also has possibly the best cheesecake every Thursday evening in Berlin).

I have to be honest with you all here. One of the reasons we moved to Berlin are sausages. So this should have been the most amazing experience ever. However, it was the first time they had held this event and it showed. It was advertised as 11am – 7pm. So I thought meeting at 4pm would be perfect. It may not have been such an intelligent decision. The place was packed beyond belief. But worst of all, lots of the sausages had already been eaten. The word ausverkauft (sold out) was hung on a lot of the stalls. Our friends from the Bavaria region were disappointed that the white sausages they knew so well from back home had been devoured long before we had even arrived.

We wandered around and managed to find some sausages in the end. The Frankfurters were exactly that. I guess they taste the same the world over, gourmet or Tesco’s local. But the fat Rindwurst sausages were something special. Really juicy and think. The skin need some ripping apart and one of them had an air bubble, so I was happily eating away and then I realised that about 2cms of the sausage hadn’t been filled in. D’oh! But they were the best on offer. Jason enjoyed going around and sampling the different beers. From whisky and vanilla flavoured brews to ales and even rice beer, there was something for everyone. I even managed to find my favourite beer on sale too! But by far the best thing we found was this squeezy ketchup and mustard gadget.

imageI would still recommend going to the local supermarket and getting a load of different sausages and sharing them with friends. At €2.50 for a sausage and a little slice of bread it was a bit overpriced. The atmosphere and lovely friends more than made up for it though. Next time, we will be the first ones in the door to make sure we don’t miss out!


  1. Yum! That picture has me drooling! I have to order my sausages online to get very good ones. I go to Usingers in Wisconsin, and for frankfurters I get them from an Austrian sausage maker in Upstate NY. My hubby cracks up that I am a mailorder food orderer. Thanks for the kind visit today and comment on my card! Started my day with a smile.

    • That’s hilarious. Sausages are so important. I have to say my favourite ever are probably Waitrose’s caramelised onions in England. I’m not sure if you can get your hands on those – but definitely try! Keep making those cards :)

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