Grandmother’s Visit

Come one, come all…

It’s been a busy few weeks, we went on another holiday to recover from Japan (hehe) and then my grandmother visited us with a friend for a week, so sorry for the lack of posts. Jason’s been getting very involved in his boardgames and I have been getting my craft on, as the grandmothers fixed my sewing machine, so now there is no stopping me. Photos will come soon.

This is just a super short message to say hi to you all, we haven’t forgotten you and we shall be posting more regularly again! For now, here is something awesome you can do in Berlin that’s very cheap. For just 2 euros, you can pop into one of the old photo booths and take black and white photos. Sometimes you get lucky and the booth you choose gives you amazing quality prints, other times you are not quite centered and the light reflects badly etc… but I think our photos are hilarious – you can see the ladies slowly disappearing bit by bit – hehe!

photo (1)The photos are no where near as amazing as the ones in Japan but they are a lovely touristy thing to do and the booths are literally scattered all over the city of Berlin.

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Friday Links


This post made me happy – living in Berlin is definitely absolutely amazing. But I do agree – there are no interesting jobs here and even though we have only been here a year, you can tell that Berlin is rapidly changing…

Here are 5 things Germans do that are pretty annoying to the rest of the world (why why WHY do you wait at the lights when it is red and there is not a car in sight???).

Possibly the coolest dragon festival in the world? It’s on until the 17th, so go and see it for yourself if you can!

And it’s a bit grim for a Friday morning, but it’s such an interesting debate. Do we need to see more dead bodies on TV and in the papers to fully understand war and natural disasters? Get involved in the debate…



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Happy Birthday Coco!

Happy Birthday to you…

photo 1 (5)So, it’s late and we forgot to write a blog post and as it’s nearly tomorrow, here we are! One day late, but we would like to say Happy Birthday to Coco (Jason’s family’s dog in Liverpool). His mum Paula made the most amazingly-delicious-looking cake for him out of dog food. Very inspired! I wonder if you can guess how old he is?

photo 2 (5)Good night folks :)

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SO big!!

The bigger the better?

We are super busy today, but as we have promised to write a blog post every single day this month, here is a photo of something funny we have discovered in Germany this week:

photoYup – possibly the world’s biggest cucumber? And check out the size of the cornflakes box – I’m surprised it even fit on the shelves of our little local supermarket! Until tomorrow then folks, have a great weekend :)

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Boardgaming in Amsterdam

Our flight to Japan first took us via Amsterdam where we had several hours to waste before our connecting flight. I had never been to Amsterdam before and Vanessa suggested we pop into the city to have a look around. She has been several times with work in the past and knew exactly where to take us (which is quite the role reversal as I am usually the one guiding Vanessa around!)

We walked around the town and she mentioned that she visited a nice local boardgame store during a previous visit and that we should go check it out again.

Obviously I was very excited.

We found it straight away down a little side street and I have to admit, it is once of the nicest games stores I have ever been in. The selection of games is 1

We got speaking to the store owner and a couple of customers as they were buying my current favourite game and it turns out they all were very keen players but sadly live a little too far to form a gaming group with me in Berlin :)

I managed to resist the urge to buy everything in the store but Vanessa surprised me once again and ended up buying a game herself! We picked up a nice set of Double-Nine dominoes, which we ended up lugging around Japan for 2 weeks in our backpack and not even getting a chance to play once. Let me tell you, dominoes are heavy!

Anyway, if you are in Amsterdam and have even a slight interest in games, make sure you check out The Gamekeeper on Hartenstraat.

As a bonus, here is an obligatory picture of me inside a giant clog.

photo 3

It’s like they say, “When in the Netherlands…”


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