Happier without my cast

Gimme Five!! Oh wait… I can’t… ouch :(

So, it’s been three weeks now and I’m still in pain. I had a cast on for a week and then a wrist guard (much better than the cast which made any kind of movement actually impossible and it was so heavy my arm hurt from holding it up constantly). I’m still wearing the wrist guard, but I have now returned to work. I literally cannot wait for it to be perfect and better again – it’s a good thing I have five days off over Xmas to rest it!

Some reasons I can’t wait to be back to normal:

Thumbs down :(

Thumbs down :(

I can high-five again!
I can take photos!
Eating a yogurt is much more pleasant!
I can tie my own shoe laces again!
Play Boggle!
I can continue with all my Christmas crafting crochet projects!
Blog posts are so much faster to write!
I can sign for a package when the postman comes!
I can wash myself in the shower properly!
I can itch my wrist!
I can cook and make my own breakfast!
Play badminton!

*At the moment I can’t wash-up, which isn’t really a bad thing… ahem… Thanks Jason ;)

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Friday Links

Come and go with me…

Christmas Crackers and other borrowed traditions!

Japan’s “cute” problem.

A new book teaching Japanese people English – using phrases along the lines of: “f*** my life” and “Who you calling a b*tch?”

Could women help fix broken Japan?

OMG I wanna go to Iceland NOW!!

The London Medival Tube Map – cool!!

Best dad-daughter photos ever!

I love London! And another reason! OMG Best City In The World!!

Are you bored? Do this – hehehe!

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Christmas Cards

Santa Claus is coming to town…

OMG – I injured my wrist weeks ago and I’m still wearing a brace and the pain is just constant. No idea what I’ve done but it’s not good.

Basically, it’s hard to write and draw and generally use my right hand at all. I’m back at work, but I’m pretty useless there. I’m trying not to moan about it, but it’s basically sh*te. It hurts and it’s inconvenient. That’s also why our Christmas Cards this year are especially late. Ahem. But in my defence, they are absolutely adorable! Even cuter than last year – check them out!

photo 2

photo 1

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Tom Sawyer Restaurant

I’m a little teapot, short and stout…

Officially my favourite restaurant in Japan!

This is an amazing post for you all. I lived in Japan for almost five years and have eaten literally all kinds of weird and wonderful things, from stuff that’s definitely still alive or smells highly inedible. There has been a lot of very cheap meat on rice alongside priceless sushi. In comparison to Berlin, the customer service is amazing, but I have never had bad service anywhere in Japan, so picking my absolute favourite place is difficult.


However, Tom Sawyer in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture wins every time. And here is why:

– Hiro is the coolest restaurant owner ever! Tom Sawyer is open all week except Tuesdays, when he practices bass guitar with his band in the back room. Then every few months he holds a concert in the restaurant – always packed out and fun!


– He knows how much I love Michael Buble and whenever I go into the shop, he puts on my favourite album, but starts it at the second song, as he knows I don’t like the first track!

– The food is delicious! I ALWAYS get the Ebi to Kaibashira no Kuri-mu So-su. Basically, chunky prawns and scallops in creamy white sauce on spaghetti noodles. YUM!

DSC_0329-002 DSC_0327-002

– Hiro always lets me and my friends have parties in his place. He will literally close the entire restaurant and we grab his band and sing for our friends. Legend!

DSC_0452-002 DSC_0404-002- I always get free dessert!

– I am all over his shop – in photos and my handprint on the walls! So many memories, I love going back inside and seeing all those photos!

DSC_0493-002 DSC_0496-002

– He speaks some English and will always try and chat to whoever I bring inside, from my family to my friends!

– He loves music as much as me and we used to give each other CDs – I still have them all and listen to them regularly!

– He learnt to cook in Italy, so the food is nommilicious!

– You can sit in the restaurant for HOURS, drinking their delicious coffee from all over the world and eating cake and Italian goodies without feeling rushed or that you are being pushed out of the door!

DSC_0395-002- You will ALWAYS bump into people you know here!

– Such an epic place, I even translated the menu for free into English!

– Come here the night before the Komono Marathon to stock up on your carbs!


– The view! You can see the highest mountain range in Mie Prefecture in the distance – stunning!

– If you are a fussy eater, he will literally take bits out you don’t like and add other goodies!

Tom Sawyer: 2348 Komono, Mie District, Mie Prefecture 510-1233, Japan. Tel: +81 59-394-2808

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My Japanese Birthday

Happy Birthday to me…

Today is my Japanese birthday. As we are trying to finally write up all our Japan travels from this summer, I thought it would be rude not to tell you about a special day that happened many many years ago in Japan.

When I was 18 and freshly out of college (high school for those of you reading from across the pond), I was given the chance to go to Japan for 5 months to help bridge the gap between Japan and the UK. I had always wanted to go to Japan, I mean I LOVE the food – but 5 months was a little longer than I had planned. One day I shall tell you how the trip all came about, but for now, picture an 18 year-old me (so cute!!) living with a Japanese family and going to a strict Japanese high school every day, including Saturdays (I know!!).

Now I have set the scene, I want to you imagine me hanging out with my classmates. At first it was hard as I spoke not a single word of Japanese, but slowly I learnt some phrases and mixing our languages, I soon found myself with a lot of lovely friends. I would love celebrating their birthdays with them – we would eat cake, go to Karaoke and give each other tiny presents.

The only problem I saw with this, was that I was in Japan from August – January. My birthday was in June. This meant I would not get to celebrate my own birthday and I wouldn’t get Karaoke, cakes and little presents and cards. And I LOVE getting cards… so I decided, in order to understand Japanese culture better (ahem), that it was only appropriate that I too get to celebrate a birthday in Japan. So I took the 16th of December as my big day. To mention that it was also my brother Mark’s birthday and my big day was way better than his would just be irrelevant.

Well, on the big day itself I got little presents, cards, notes and of course we went for cake and to Karaoke. I even got a special birthday dinner from my host family. I definitely think I understood the whole ‘Japanese Birthday Culture’ better after the experience and so today I shall be wishing myself Happy Japanese Birthday! ;)

*Also – Happy Birthday to my brother Mark today!*

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