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I am in misery…

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These images made me giggle – esp with my Facebook feed having nothing but babies in it at the moment…

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Hairy armpit art…


The best Indian curry in Berlin?

What I would give for a good curry…

My father’s proudest moment was feeding me curry when I was just two weeks old. Yup, you read that correctly. Once you have met the Abel Family, you probably won’t even be surprised at this. Another fun story was my dad cooking curry for his father a long time ago. Apparently the curry he made was too delicious to share, so instead, my dad went around the corner to get a takeaway curry for his father and saved his masterpiece for the next day.

Curry is and always has been my absolutely most favourite food in the world and I miss it like crazy when I’m living abroad. I remember being in heaven in India. I was excited to go to sleep each night, as I knew at least three times the next day I would be able to eat curry. The opposite was true in other countries I have visited. Japanese curry sucks (sorry, but it’s just true) and Germany’s take on this delicious dish is just poor. The only place here in Berlin that people rave about is called Amrit. After almost two years in Berlin, we thought it’s high-time to at least try this restaurant. If this is the best Germany can offer, then I am sorry for your Germans.  Get on a plane to England immediately.

Here is what we ate:

Started with this most enormous Onion Bhaji which was amazing!

Started with this most enormous Onion Bhaji which was amazing!

Chicken Korma is one of my favourites. It was disappointing - the sauce was watery and flavourless.

Chicken Korma is one of my favourites. It was disappointing – the sauce was watery and flavourless.

We got a Saag (spinach) dish, as they didn't have Chicken Tikka Masala. I have to say I was surprised at the lack of the most eaten dish in the UK.... This was pretty good, absolutely stuffed with spinach leaves, but lacked the 'home' taste.

We got a Saag (spinach) dish, as they didn’t even have Chicken Tikka Masala on the menu. I have to say I was surprised at the lack of the most eaten dish in the UK…. However, this was pretty good – it was absolutely stuffed with spinach leaves, but lacked the ‘home’ taste.

So if you need a curry fix, you can try Amrit. Or go to one of the bigger supermarkets or the Asian Supermarkets and grab the ready-made sauce in a pot. Add chicken and heavenly-food-induced-nommy-coma will begin shortly.

Amrit Restaurant: Winterfeldtstraße 40, 10781 Berlin (it’s a chain, so check the website for closest one to you).

Can you Exit the Room in the allocated time?

Get me outta here…

My brother and his fiancée visited a few weeks ago and we found a super cheap deal (€40) on Groupon for Exit the Room. The moment I heard about being locked into a room with an hour to figure out a load of complex hints I wanted to try it out. It’s like a treasure hunt with a theme and you have to work as a team in order to figure out the clues to get to the next stage.

We were basically inside a Russian spy’s living room and we had to diffuse a hidden atomic bomb that was going to explode in 60 minutes. Here is the room we walked into:

photo 1 (2)I don’t want to give anything away, especially if you are thinking of trying this out. It was hilarious and nerve-wracking at the same time. You can see that there is a padlock on the wardrobe – so basically the whole time is spent looking over, under, around and near objects, whilst desperately looking for a key. There are hidden messages all over the place and as a team you need to work together to figure out what the clues are trying to tell you. In the event that you literally get stuck, there is no need to worry! You get a walkie-talkie with the man at reception and a few bonus questions if needed.

It was great! Each of us found something no one else had seen and we made it with lots of time to spare – even the guy at the front desk was surprised we finished so quickly! At the end you can draw things on the ‘wall of fame’ and take some silly photos. Exit the Room is all over Berlin (and Germany/ the world), so look up your nearest one, grab a bunch of friends and try and solve a mystery! I can’t wait to try another one :)

The door that leads into an awesome adventure :)

The door that leads into an awesome adventure :)

We made it :)

We made it :)

Address: Exit the Room: Glatzer Str. 7, Berlin, 10247 .

Ice Cream for breakfast?!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

So, I’m just going to say here that this wasn’t my idea. A lovely friend of ours is on a diet where you can eat absolutely anything and any amount of it in the mornings only. Then she has to be careful and eat keto-friendly food 6 hours later and again 6 hours after that. No snacking and no alcohol etc. For a while now I have wanted to invite her over for dinner, but we like treating our guests to all kinds of food, so breakfast it was…

photo 2 (3)

photo 1

We had two massive tubs of ice cream alongside vienetta and sprinkles, colourful nuts, waffles, mini doughnuts on biscuits with more sprinkles… it was a treat and a half! For dessert we ate scones… haha… sometimes I do think it’s a hard life! Anyone else enjoy a sweet breakfast out there?

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