Friday Links

Happy Halloween…


An interesting read on the people who have to keep inappropriate images and videos from your social media outlets (WARNING: this is not a nice read).

Two words and a big dribble: Apple Strudel.

An interesting read from my lovely friend Debra about Warsaw being the new Berlin.

Charlotte has some ideas on teaching English on skype – which Jason has just started doing.

How funny to see our local Berlin trains running in the North Korean capital!

An interesting video about a women being constantly harrassed in NY.

Coolest video in the world goes to: Ok Go! WOW – and all done in one take – coooool!

Interesting how two men with almost the same background can turn out so differently.

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Brunch O’Clock

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Recently we have been taking part in a very “Berlin” thing: Brunch! It seems all the cool young people and also families will pop out on a Sunday morning to a restaurant and indulge themselves on a buffet of delicious food.

We normally have Sunday morning breakfast eggs at our house with all the delicious trimmings of German bread and toppings. Occasionally we will go all out and have an English breakfast. However, we have recently discovered how lovely it is to have brunch out and today I’m going to tell you where our favourite place is.

Hoppegarten is in Steglitz, in the south-west of Berlin. A friend told us about it and we eagerly went along to try. I think the main reason was hearing about the 7-page menu for breakfast. Yes, that’s right: SEVEN pages. It’s difficult to decide what to get. Whether you want something sweet, savoury, meaty, healthy… they have absolutely everything. I go for the sweet breakfast and Jason goes for the Steglitz breakfast – named after the local area. It’s overflowing with meat and you even get a pancake on the side.

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (3)

The place is very welcoming, the staff actually polite and the food is amazing. We saw a man order a pork shoulder and OMG it’s the biggest slab of meat I have ever seen, so I’m sure we will be going there for something other than brunch one day too, but for now, go try it for yourselves :) You will probably find us in there…

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Friday Links

Tell me when will you be mine…

A friend sent me this and I have to say it made me giggle. Read about the 15 different flavours of kitkat in Japan – I think I’ve had most of them and the Matcha (Green Tea) is by far the best. Wasabi is also a winner…

I’m not sure I ever want to connect to a public wifi connection ever again after reading this article.

Haha – being handsome seems to help if you want to be a politician with lots of Twitter followers.

Ealing is where I grew up – who knew it was actually the centre for the rock universe?! Amazing!!

This annoyed me so much – how does Japan get away with this still?

Berlin’s underground map all made up with bars!

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The Festival of Lights

This little light of mine…

So we went on the last day of the Festival of Lights (Sunday), which is why I didn’t write this post up earlier. Basically, you missed it already, so here are the highlights kind of thing…

They lit up famous buildings all over Berlin for a couple of weeks and we went to have a little look too. My favourite was the Brandenburger Tor, on which they beamed a 10 minute show of fun things. There was a colourful gate, a whole “making of” – when they showed how each stone was set to make the gate, an “I LOVE BERLIN” gate and even a gate bursting with fireworks. The last photo shows the Potdamer Platz area all lit up too. Next year we shall do it on bicycles, because there was a train strike and town was busy, so we only did a few of the sights this time. We will give you more notice for the next show I promise :)

photo 1 (2)photo 4photo 3photo 3 (1)photo (3)

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The unexpected cheesecake…

It’s been a while…

We haven’t updated you with our latest cheesecake findings in Berlin for some time – and this will change right now ;)

We have often popped into Engels for brunch or a quick beer and a catch up with local friends, but this is the first time we tried their cake. It wasn’t the most perfect of experiences. Two German ladies cut in the queue in front of us. It annoyed me no end, but there is only a tiny window of opportunity in which you can reprimand them and we didn’t jump at it. So they ordered before us.

I had decided to get the cheesecake with a layer of something red on the top. I’m guessing a berry jelly layer of some kind. It looked amazing. There was three-quarters of it left, so I wasn’t worried about it running out. Then the pushing-in ladies had their turn. Four of the slices of my cake were cut and placed into a bag as a take away. I was a little worried, but there were still two big slices left. Surely they didn’t want those? Well, you guessed it, they then ordered the last two slices for themselves to sit and eat them in the restaurant. I was fuming. In my rage, I didn’t want them to have my cake and eat it as well, so instead, I chose the next best thing to revenge: a different cheesecake. And I have to say, it was absolutely heavenly. Much better than the other one could have been. Karma strikes again – my cake was vastly superior – in a completely different class to the plain one they stole from me!

Just look at it:

photo 1 (1)

Literally, can you see the tastiness? It was so thick but light at the same time. The blueberries were tangy enough to make my face scrunch up together, but the shavings of white chocolate blended so well with the creamy middle and hard biscuit bottom that this place has gone right up in my cheesecake list. It’s not quite Barcumis, but it is a very close second.

And just because I can, here is that photo once more:photo 1 (1)

Cafe Engels: Herrfurthstraße 21, 12049 Berlin


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