Photo Booths – Fun and cheap giggles in Berlin


One of the first things we did in Berlin is pop into a Photoautomat and take some fabulously silly photos of ourselves eating doughnuts (I hope you understand how absolutely hilarious we are here… the word Berliner means doughnut in German – haha).


We used to have these photo booths all over the place in London and I have some really cute photos of my brother and I as kids, barely tall enough to get our heads into the photo-frame, even though we are sitting on the provided chair. I still have some old photos for passports and ID as well and some amazing ones of my parents and random guests who came to visit us. My favourite film is Amélie, so I’m sure you can guess how much I love these kinds of photos. They have the high-tech version in Japan, but I like the black-and-white old-fashioned style so much. Our ones are hanging on the fridge and they will be a wonderful reminder of our time eating doughnuts in Berlin forever. If you want to see them, just look on our About Page.

Whenever we walk by a booth there are always people inside taking photos. They are so popular, there is even a website to find where they are placed. It costs two euros, so there is no excuse – if you are in Berlin and looking for some cheap fun with a great memory attached, find a photo booth!

Müritz National Park – The perfect weekend trip from Berlin

I will give you 24 hours baby…

We love exploring and finding new things in Berlin, however even in London we used to grab our stuff, jump in the car and go off to somewhere random for the weekend. We have carried on this tradition in Germany too and luckily for you this is one wonderful trip we are going to share with you all. I think it may have actually been my favourite mini-trip in Germany yet!

We rented a car and drove up to Waren, a small town in the UNESCO area of the Müritz National Park. The drive up was pretty in surroundings and pretty crazy in weather and takes just under two hours to get to from Berlin by car.



We had two days off, so we left early in the morning and it felt like we were trying to out-drive the rain the whole way. We arrived and settled into our Hotel Am Brauhaus. The room was okay – ground floor directly facing onto the main road, but it’s a quiet town so we weren’t disturbed by the noise even with the windows open at night. We wandered along the water and checked out the boats before having an epic steak at The Steakhouse Mendoza. The town is quaint, but weirdly every single person just stared at us non-stop when we walked around. We were used to it from being the only foreigner in a tiny town in Japan, but in Germany it felt extra weird. This happened the entire day – maybe they knew we were English?! Odd…





Steak and jacket potato!

Steak and jacket potato!

We woke up the next morning to bright and blazing sunshine! The tourist board recommended we take a bicycle tour which went around the lakes and through the National Park for 25kms. You can easily do this alone, as there are plenty of well-informed maps on the internet, but it was fun, especially when we lost an ‘older’ lady who was cycling much slower than the rest of us. Also, the guide was great and very knowledgeable about the birds and hidden spots to see nature at its best.









We stopped off for sausages and at the end of the tour we ran to the car and stopped off for a dip in the lake. If you’re into that kind of thing, there are plenty of nudie bathing spots in the area – being English, we chose a place with showers and bathing costumes – haha. Crazy to think just 24 hours ago we were caught up in a rain storm!



Legs or sausages????

Legs or sausages????

If you have a couple of days break, I suggest you go to Müritz for some relaxation and cycling. I can’t wait to go back :)

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Domäne Dahlem – A farm in the middle of Berlin

With an oink oink and a moo moo there…

Domäne Dahlem is a farm in the South-West of Berlin, a ten minute walk from our apartment. We found it through a friend who lives in the area, otherwise you’d never know it is there. Even the entrances are hidden away, so unless you know where you’re going, it’s a local secret. So you’re lucky I’m telling you!

There are so many animals to watch, from tiny piglets and their parents, to chickens, cows, horses and at the moment on Wednesdays, you can go to listen to free lessons on bees. There is something for every season – a fairground for spring, bee watching in the summer, pottery painting in autumn and a Christmas Market in the winter. They also have a little shop on the premises full of local honey, jams, fruit, veggies and even plants you can buy. Kids big and small can go on the tractors and feed the chickens. I feel lucky to be living in Berlin next to a huge expanse of land full of nature.

PIGS!! The main reason I go here all the time :)

PIGS!! The main reason I go here all the time :)

Loadsa them run up to you for corn! Chickens are so funny...

Loadsa them run up to you for corn! Chickens are so funny…


Jason feeding the cows

Jason feeding the cows

Riding the wooden horse, as I'm a bit scared of the real ones... ahem...

Riding the wooden horse, as I’m a bit scared of the real ones… ahem…

Tractor ride anyone?

Tractor ride anyone?

So much growing food!

So much food growing!

Still not persuaded? Check out these pigs (what on earth are they doing???) and these baby goats… ahem…


In case you're still not persuaded, you can just watched little baby goats... having fun?! ;)

In case you’re still not persuaded, you can just watched little baby goats… having fun?! ;)

If you haven’t been here yet, do check it out. It’s a lovely relaxing place and great for a leisurely walk at this time of year. We go to see the pigs so often, we will probably see you there – and when you need a place to rest your feet afterwards, check out the Eierschale Restaurant.