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Body shapes :)

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YES!!!! Best article I have read all year!

Only in Japan: Japan Unveils Adorable Mock Pizza Hut Run Entirely By Cats.

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Top Ten things to eat in New York!

Gimme more!!

I could literally write a post about each and every delicious thing we ate in New York and I would have enough to cover the entire year. However, we are off on holiday again in a couple of weeks and have lots of other fun things to tell you about, so here is a list of all the amazing food places in just one blog post – you absolutely HAVE to visit these places:

1) Clinton Street Bakery – Pancakes

This was recommended to us by our Airbnb host, as it was a five minute walk from our apartment. When we ordered our food the waitress was horrified we hadn’t ordered their famous pancakes. Luckily we took her advice – we changed our order and they were amazing. We loved it so much – our favourite breakfast place in NY.


2) Sunny and Annie’s – Pho Sandwich

Yup – you read this correctly. We arrived in NY gone midnight. It was freezing, the day after the crazy ‘snow blizzard’ and of course we were exhausted, so we had to find something local, quick and easy. We popped on Yelp and a Pho Sandwich was the closest and most recommended thing we could find – you even get a bonus pickle. In Jason’s own words: “Amazing. It’s actually amazing.” You go into a normal-looking convenience store and inside they are making delicious hot sandwiches. We had the Pho Real’ and it was delicious for real ;)


3) Magnolia’s Bakery – cupcakes

Best cupcakes in the world, true many years ago and still true today.

4) Katz’s Delicatessen – pastrami

Every single person who found out we were staying in the East Village told us to go here. They were right – we ended up sharing a Pastrami Sandwich ($20) and it was way enough – it was HUGE. Our friends got one each though, so if you’re up for the challenge go for it!


5) Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – ice cream

The name is in the title! After a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, there is nothing more delicious than Peaches and Cream Ice Cream. This is what One American Scoop ($4) looks like – OMG – should have got 3 scoops ;)


6) Bleeker Street Pizza – pizza slices

You can get massive slices of pizza all over town for $1-2. They are crispy and covered in toppings – highly recommended for those emergency snack times! We went to Bleeker’s as they were named best pizza in town and it was delicious!


7) Taco Bell

Everyone said we should stay away, but the food was exactly as it looked – cheap fast food. Their tag line used to be: “We are your fourth meal” because it’s rubbish and you only want to eat it once you are drunk after midnight. I loved it!

8) Ellen’s Stardust Diner

More for the atmosphere than the food. The waitstaff sing to you whilst they serve you some amazing milkshakes and typical diner-style food. Broadway experience without the cost!

9) Russ and Daughter – Bagels!

Fishy salmon on bagels – absolutely delicious and super posh-looking.


10) Junior’s - cheesecake

At $6.95 for a slice, this is by far the most expensive plain cheesecake I have ever eaten but OMG people – a-mazing. Absolutely nom in your mouth! OMG, seriously, this place has made heaven in a slice and you need to try it to believe it!



11) Dominique Ansel Bakery – cronut

It should’ve been at number one really, as I think this was the best thing I ate out there. The delicious cronut – world-famous and well-worth standing in line for. Yum Yum Yum!!

Is there somewhere we missed that absolutely needs to go on this list?

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But I won’t do that…

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OMG I love these photos of snow in the UK.

YES!!! The parent of Mockingbird!! I cannot wait to read this book!!!

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American Wedding

Shake it off

OMG – have you heard the Taylor Swift song Shake It Off? I can happily say Jason has heard it a LOT now, as once I find a song I love, I put it on repeat all day long. And now he knows the words better than me – poor guy!

I first heard it at my lovely friend Injy’s wedding. This was the whole reason we went to America in January. Injy and I met at university way way waaaay back when I was just 20. My flatmates were dirty (literally: minging!). There were maggots in our sink from the unwashed dishes. When I went on holiday, my so-called flat-mates broke into my cupboard and used my sugar – they didn’t even close it up again so that I had a nice present of flies everywhere when I returned. My food in the fridge was eaten on a regular basis. I hated it.

Then I met Injy. She is one of those germ-o-phobes. Her flat sparkled. When we went out, we put anti-bacterial lotion on our hands before we ate. Everything was clean and nice and before long, I would cook in her kitchen instead of mine. Sadly, Injy was on an exchange-year from America and when her time was up, she went back to New York. That didn’t end the friendship however, she is like me: a traveller! We would meet about once a year – somewhere in the world. Then she met my lovely friend Sofie and the three of us became the best of friends. We met recently at Sofie’s wedding and this time, Injy had met her perfect man and was getting married.



Sofie, the bride and me :) Friends Forever!! xx


It started out as: Come to my wedding – it’s in Miami in October! It sounded perfect – sunshine, beach and cocktails. This then became a New York wedding in January. I have to say, going somewhere colder and more snowy than Berlin was not really top of my priority list, but I had to be there and we realised New Orleans would be nice and warm at that time, so off we went!

Jason and I have only been travelling for weddings recently. Japan, Sweden, England and now New York. We don’t seem to go on holiday when or where we choose anymore, but I have to say I love going to weddings. Everyone is so happy and it makes me feel all warm inside. Plus, it’s a whole cultural experience: you learn so much about a different culture. Japanese weddings are pretty dull – full of speeches you have to listen to while your once fresh fish on the plate in front of you becomes pretty old. The fun only gets going at the after-parties. In Sweden, whenever the bride or groom go to the bathroom, the guests of the opposite sex HAVE to get up and kiss the remaining just-married person. It’s hilarious! In France the cars in the procession up to the wedding venue beep their horns constantly (same here in Germany and in Turkey apparently). In Ghana there is so much singing and colours everywhere – the costumes are stunning and all made to fit each person – but it’s super cheap to get that service there.

In America you have a rehearsal dinner – the night before the big day, many of the guests are invited to dinner by the groom’s family to meet each other. This very often results in a massive drinking session with wine and champagne flowing. It’s informal and unstressy, so everyone lets go before the big day. It was lovely that we could join this, as it meant we got to meet lots of the guests and made some lovely new friends. Another fun custom is whenever a guest clinks their wine glass against some cutlery the couple have to kiss – this happens A LOT and is super fun.

In all the weddings I’ve been to, flowers have been thrown and you have to wait for the first dance to be done before you can get on your groove on the dance floor. I always get super cute presents (called favours) too – at Injy’s wedding they set up a pick ‘n’ mix station, at others I have received homemade jam by the bride’s mother and personalised m&ms!

Have you ever been to a wedding where there was something they did that surprised you or was super fun? :)

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Burgers in America

Dayum, dayum, dayum…

Jason’s has two favourite foods: burgers and pizza. I’m not the keenist on pizza (must have eaten too much of it as a child) but I am growing an obsession with burgers. We have found the best burger in Berlin and were in search of the real deal in New York. If I’m honest, I was pretty disappointed. In the two weeks we were in America, we had four burgers in total – that’s a lot, but… yeah, we were on holiday!

1) Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Jason got the burger – and enjoyed it-ish. It wasn’t amazing he says, just an ordinary burger, no real meaty-taste to it sadly. It looks great as do the sides that went with it, plus the waiters and waitresses sang to us at the same time, so a fun experience to go with the fun burger.

photo 4 (3)

2) Wendy’s

One word: sh*te. I don’t really swear and I’m not a fan of swearing on our blog, but it was rubbish. Just as it looks. Disappointing and never plan on going to Wendy’s again.

photo 1 (2)

3) Umami Burger

Mega disappointing. I was really excited about this as I had been recommend it by SO MANY PEOPLE. But it tasted weird – I got the Umami Original Burger: parmesan frico, shiitake mushrooms, roasted tomato, caramelised onions, Umami house ketchup all for $11.50, but it tasted a bit off. It didn’t feel like meat was in my mouth, more a soft-gooey kind of tofu. Jason liked it and everyone else I know has too, but not on my to-do list for our next trip.

photo 2 (3)photo 3 (3)

4) McDonald’s

It was an emergency – we were in New Orleans and needed to eat something immediately and it was one of those moment the only thing around is that Golden M. Please don’t judge me – haha. This burger is the only meal during our entire trip that I didn’t photograph – a great shame as it was absolutely divine – properly delicious, meaty, sauce-y and nommy. I am disappointed that the best burger I have found in America was at McDonald’s, but credit is due here – yum!

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