Only One Sunflower…

“Ah! You don’t know what these beans are,” said the man. “If you plant them overnight, by morning they grow right up to the sky.”

A while back (April) I decided to try my luck at gardening. I planted SO MANY seeds and I have to say we managed to have a couple of salads with lettuce and spinach and some tasty fresh herbs. The strawberry plant died instantly and then came our two-week trip to Japan. As you can imagine, it was hot in Japan. At the same time, it was also hot in Berlin. And it didn’t rain at all while we were away, so I came back to a dry and thirsty group of plants. The blueberries had shrivelled up on the tree, the colourful flowers were a mass of dead brown hay and the only thing I managed to revive was a sunflower.

Sunflower season came and went and it wouldn’t flower. I was so gutted.

However, when I looked out yesterday, I found my little sunflower had finally opened up. Here it is brightening up our balcony! And in the back are all the new things I have planted. Let’s hope they last a little longer…


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Friday Linkies

Should I stay or should I go?

Reading this list of things everyone in London has thought makes me wonder why I ever left my wonderful hometown ;)

No more excuses that your apartment is too small! Here’s an amazing way to grow plants indoors!

OMG! I had no idea Hitler had employed 15 ladies to test his food before it was eaten to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. Here is the only surviving lady’s story!

We had some absolutely lovely people stay with us on Airbnb last week and here is their website. They have regular podcasts on films too (a good way to learn German for those of you interested!)

Coolest video ever alert! When the light is red, pedestrians often cross, which is dangerous. This city in Germany has an amazing way to keep people waiting at the lights until it goes green! I really want to visit now!

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Christmas is coming

Santa is on his way…

xmasWe saw this in the supermarket yesterday. Stollen. Yummy yummy stollen. They are even selling the famous stollen from Dresden. This cake only eaten at Christmas time in Germany, so it means the festive winter season is fast approaching! As much as I hate the cold and dark, I have to say I love stollen and all the cinnamon-flavoured biscuits that are on their way into my belly!

I guess it also means that it’s time for us to make Christmas cards and presents! Has anyone else started yet? Haha…

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English Supermarkets

Food, glorious food…

I remember the first time we walked into a huge supermarket in Germany. I was astounded by the meat section. There were rows and rows and more rows with just meat. Minced, slabs, big, small, whole chickens, hundreds of sausages to choose from… wow. And the only fish on sale was smoked salmon in wrapping. Disappointing for fish fans, but heaven for those carnivores amongst us.

Last week we went home to London for a memorial. It’s the first time we have been back this year (!!!) even though it’s cheap and only an hour away. We popped to the dentist, but our phones were on Germany time so we got all the timings confused and ended up with an hour to wait before Jason’s appointment. So we wandered around and found Morrisons Supermarket.

We both enjoy visiting supermarkets in other countries and after 9 months of visiting only German shops, it felt amazing to be walking down the aisles surrounded by such treats! There was a whole aisle JUST FOR CHEESE!!

super1I think I spent about half an hour just dribbling in that section alone! And you can see all the wonderful things we bought in this photo:


WHITE CHOCOLATE fingers (since when do they exist??), cheap raspberries, cheap nuts, Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps, wasabi peas, cheese and goats cheese (of course), Jacob’s crackers, caramel slices, hummus, Brantoun and Pickle and olives with feta. Let’s just say, it didn’t last very long… hehe!

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Back Online and Sushi Time

Connecting in five… four… three… two… one…

Yup – we are back online! YEY! It’s been pretty crazy here, with freelance work coming in, Airbnb guests galore (cannot recommend this enough – we just said goodbye to the loveliest family ever and have another guy coming in a couple of days), visiting London for a week and finally unpacking those suitcases from Japan whilst doing our normal jobs too.

Yesterday we had a sushi party. We invited a load of Japanese ladies to help, but it turned out they had never made sushi before and we had to teach them how to roll that rice! It was such fun. Jason’s and my maki-rolls were absolutely enormous and stuffed to the brim with fillings. Lots of the girls from work turned up and it was a lovely evening. If you are looking for a fun and relatively easy party, try this! Everyone brings the ingredients they like and rolling sushi is really fun! You get to eat lots of delicious food and it works out cheap and cheerful too! The best filling was tuna-mayo with salmon and sweetcorn, just in case you were wondering ;) sushi

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