Eierschale Berlin

Let me show you the way…

Eierschale Dahlem is a huge restaurant – possibly the biggest I’ve seen in Berlin – just next to Podbielskiallee Station (U3). We often pop by for a delicious ice chocolate drink on a sunny day, as they have a grand outdoor terrace and it’s right next to the farm we love to visit.

They have a seasonal carte, so obviously I went for the white asparagus, with boiled potatoes and Hollandaise sauce. OMG HEAVEN!

Chocolate ice cream drink - mmmmmmmmmm!!

Chocolate ice cream drink – mmmmmmmmmm!!

Spargel - the most typical German dish :)

Spargel – the most typical German dish :)

They have fun live band nights (mostly swing dancing) and a great Sunday morning buffet with Jazz music. The service is fast and good, a nice change for Berlin and the food is delicious. If you are looking for somewhere fun, cheap and cheerful, try the Eierschale!

Address: Eierschale Dahlem, Podbielskiallee 50, 14195 Berlin-Zehlendorf

5 amusing German things…

Laughing is the best medicine…

So I just wanted to give you all a giggle – I spotted these gems in the local supermarket and couldn’t help taking a quick snap. Sometimes just being in Germany can be enough to amuse me for ages! Hope you laugh out loud too :)

Auntie Fanny's piecrust...

Auntie Fanny’s piecrust…

I can't even go here, other than to say that Saft means juice and underneath it says 'natural sugar'...

I can’t even go here, other than to say that Saft means juice and underneath it says ‘natural sugar’…

Yes we can indeed ;)

Yes we can indeed ;)

Pugs are called Möpse in German - another word for boobs as well...

Pugs are called Möpse in German – another word for boobs as well…



Sick of being sick :(

I don’t believe it…

Just as my wrist is finally getting a little better – BOOM – my back gives in. I’m getting a bit depressed with the constant pain and injuries. I’ve had tendinitus of my right wrist for 7 months now. I’ve been to 8 doctors, had around 4 months off (much of it as unpaid leave), a full-plaster, a half-cast, physio, ultra-sound therapy, hot sponges, herbal wraps… nothing worked. I’m so tired of it all. And Jason has also injured his foot – it’s ridiculous!

photo (1)

Then a colleague suggested an osteopath might be the way to go. Now, coming from a medical family, I don’t really believe in herbs and sticking needles into a pressure zone, or whatever it is, BUT (stay with me here), I am getting desperate and willing to try anything and I have to say… it was amazing!

My osteopath was lovely. I felt like I was chatting to a friend. When she found out I was British, she begged me to speak in English to practice her language skills. It was supposed to be a 45 minute consultation, mostly just chatting about background issues and assessing the problem. An hour and a half later we were still chatting…

She took down all my medical history and actually listened to what I do in my life that needs use of my hand and even listened to how exactly how I hurt my wrist in the first place. She explained all the tendons and bones that connect and what part of my hand I had done damage to. I finally felt like I understood what had happened. Basically, I was crocheting too much just before Christmas in order to make lots of lovely scarves. The problem was that I sat hunched up, I’m top-heavy and all this impacts and puts pressure on my spine and posture. Added to this I was quickly doing repetitive movements with my hands and they were not supported on a cushion, just hanging in mid-air, straining my arm muscles as well. A combination of this and working in a place where I have to fold clothing and use the tills exacerbated the problem and there we go.

She lay me down and stroked my arm for about an hour. It was very calm and relaxed and not painful at all. She then said to stop taking medication. Pain is good – and when the pain decreases you will realise this and it means it’s getting better. Apparently the best result would be if the pain goes from my wrist towards my elbow. I didn’t get this, but since seeing her only the once, my wrist feels so much better. Even if it’s just all in my head, I don’t care anymore. I’m so so so tired of being in pain and not being able to really do anything I enjoy – no dancing, badminton, sewing, even reading is difficult.

Now my wrist feels like it’s healing and I started back at work, taking it easy but even after 8 hours of folding, the pain is almost zero. I’m so so so so happy and can only recommend trying osteopathy!

However, last week I bent down to pick something up from the floor and – BOOM – I felt a sudden pain in my lower back and screamed out in pain. I couldn’t move at all and had to lie down, which is where Jason found me when he came home from work. I was in too much pain to stand up and can’t bend over at all. I’m actually trying not to drink so much so I don’t need to get up to pee.

The next day I sucked up the pain and hobbled to the doctor. The plastic hard chairs were agony and when she tried to give me injections for the pain, let’s just say I have tiny veins and after some serious prodding around and poking until a whole load of blood came out, she said it was time to stop torturing me and gave me the same dose in tablet form. OMG – argh!! So now to add to my wrist problems, I have two bruised arms, the back pain is excruciating, I can’t sit or stand or walk properly at all, but if I don’t move then my back will lock and it won’t get better. Ughhhhh, so tired of all this and have to say it’s getting me down a bit. I have some herb salve to heat up the area, which makes my back sore and itch on the outside as well as the inside.

I’m just hoping it all goes away soon. Being 31 has been pretty painful, I’m hoping 32 is going to be better, can’t wait for my birthday – haha!

Germany – the land of strikes?

I just can’t be bothered…

I always thought of France as the land of protests and strikes. From baggage handlers taking time off which made me almost miss my flight at the airport to the recent closing down of the Eiffel Tower due to increasing numbers of pickpockets, the only news I hear from France is how the workers are on strike.

But now, I have noticed it’s a constant in London and Germany too. At home, there was one tube strike after the other – I find it hard to believe that every morning I would be spending literally extortionate amounts of money to be stuffed into a tiny tube carriage with far too many smelly people. If I got a seat, I felt lucky. When the strikes started, I would have to walk for miles to a station that worked or take my bike, which would often take over an hour each way and was exhausting over a few days. I was lucky if I could get to work in less than a couple of hours – seemingly a total waste of time.

Now in Germany, we have been affected just this year by three postal strikes and closing of our local postal branch. This week, once again, the workers disrupted the train system. We couldn’t get to our friends’ house last week, as the S-Bahn wasn’t in service. When we wanted to travel to Brandenburg, that was also cancelled. I love how the workers rights in Germany are protected to such a high extent, but the inconvenience is pretty awful.

In the UK, I heard the train drivers get around £40k a year. It can’t be very exciting sitting in a tube all day long, going through tunnels, but the 40 days off a year they get alongside free travel for themselves and their families is a pretty hefty bonus. When I think of how little money some of my friends (and myself for that matter) used to earn in London, it makes it hard to understand how people feel like it’s okay to make such a big drama even though they are lucky to have a job that in fact pays incredibly well in London. I wish I could earn that kind of salary and get that much holiday… When I do my homeless volunteering, the people are desperate for jobs and cannot understand how someone who earns enough money to eat and have a roof over their heads at night could even think about striking.

On the other hand, I understand that people are taken advantage of. At the clothing store I work at here in Berlin, we are creating a workers union, to make sure our views are represented legally and correctly to the managers. It’s a lot of work, but I can already see positive changes happening. There is already more conversation between workers and managers, which can only be a positive thing. I would hope that other companies, especially those in the emergency services, postal or transport sectors, where so many people rely on them to do their job, can also come to agreements before they have to resort to a strike.

Having learnt a lot about workers unions recently, I can see the struggles so many people face to have a fair and nice environment that they wish to go to work in, but it seems this is impossible in some cases. It’s just such a huge inconvenience to so many people, I would find it hard to agree to strike if I was working as a tube driver, but it’s impossible for anyone to understand it unless they are involved. I just hope that all these strikes stop soon, as it is starting to feel normal when we don’t get what we want to just go on strike and let everyone else suffer for it. It doesn’t seem very fair.

What do you think?

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